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I am happy that you visit and read to us today. I am Yeira Rubí, Founder of Social Wave, Creator of Social Wave Academy and Digital Marketing Consultant.

I invite you to navigate our website and discover everything we can do to help you grow your business. Let’s talk!

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Our Story

Fundadora + Consultora de Mercadeo Digital

Social Wave is a Digital Marketing Studio composed of an interdisciplinary team with experience in various industries and markets. We help entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs like you, to market their business correctly on the Internet; and to design and implement effective systems for managing projects, thus increasing their productivity and growing their businesses.

Hey!  I’m Yeira Rubí, Founder of Social Wave, Creator of Social Wave Academy and Digital Marketing Consultant.

In November 2013, I launched as an entrepreneur. At that time I worked as Social Media Coordinator in a recognized company in the automotive industry of Puerto Rico, managing more than 15 accounts of social networks, media buying, web pages, among other tasks.

Hence the big question arises… if I do all this for another employer, why can not I do it for myself? In the end, the purpose would remain the same, use my skills and knowledge to help more businesses grow, only this time it would be my way.

I started working as a Solopreneur, but growing up was not optional and using my name as a business name was not my vision. That’s where it was born, Social Wave, representative of constant communication. Currently, Social Wave serves small and medium businesses in Puerto Rico and the British Virgin Islands, and where it is necessary to reach out to support them during the growth process.

We create “Meaningful marketing to grow your businesses“.

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We believe in...


We love our job and we strive to meet the objectives and goals with a positive attitude always.

Team work

Enjoying to work in teams is important because GREAT ideas are born from different lines of thought, expertise, and cultures.

Customer Driven

Our clients drive us to be innovators and better solution creators everyday. When a customer wins, we win too!


We do whatever it takes to see a task trough until it’s finished on time and finished right.

Results oriented

Delivering constantly and striving to exceed the goals to create remarkable experiences.