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I am happy that you visit and read to us today. I am Yeira Rubí, Founder of Social Wave, Creator of Social Wave Academy and Digital Marketing Consultant.

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Creative websites and with Content Management System CMS. They adapt to mobile devices: which your website adapts to any resolution.

Connect directly with customers, receive feedback on your products and / or services, promote your brand, services, and products. Email marketing will also help you increase sales.

Digital marketing assessment and competitor analysis will identify your best short-term and long-term opportunities. Create strategy will be the most cost-effective based on your needs and place in the market.

Strategies and necessary actions to reach increasing clients in social networks, measurement of the return of the investment or the incorporation of feedback mechanism, among others.

Organize educational sessions, on a particular topic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all services require signing a contract?

No. We provide pre-paid services that adjust to each client’s needs and budget.

What’s the service contract duration?

We offer contracts from 6 months onwards, depending on the desired service. It’s important to highlight that acquiring our services by contract represents a saving of money for you.

What’s the hourly rate?

Our services per hour start at $65, depending on the desired service

Do you offer services outside of Puerto Rico?

Yes and we’d love to continue growing and exporting our services worldwide. Currently we have customers in the British Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.